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Active Pass to IR9

Active Pass to IR9 is an exhibit of Internet-based representations of Aboriginal communities in Canada, the United States, and Australia. Hennessy and Wilson’s reflexive, video-based curatorial statement of the same name depicts the full length of the Sturdies Bay/ Porlier Pass Road on Galiano Island, British Columbia, from the ferry terminal at the south end to the Penelekut Indian Reserve #9 at the north end. Two fields of scrolling text represent memories and associations that Kate and Richard each have with this physical space and their individual understandings of the place where they both grew up as they move through it together for the first time. Richard reflects on his ongoing search for knowledge of his own culture and family. Kate reflects on her position as a recent settler, and questions her lack of knowledge of her own family history and the Aboriginal history and present of the island.

This video installation is juxtaposed with six contemporary, innovative on-line projects. Like the video Active Pass to IR9, these sites represent real spaces and community relationships at the local level and in new virtual environments. Referencing the 2008 New Forms Festival’s mosaics theme, the exhibit engages basic hypermedia and blogging principles to juxtapose publicly available Canadian and international on-line media with a newly-created video work.

Conversations are generated in the process: Where Active Pass to IR9 raises questions about the way knowledge and understanding can be obscured within and between members of communities, the on-line projects selected for this exhibit suggest that knowledge and understanding might be generated in virtual spaces in ways they cannot be on the ground. At the same time, representations of Indigeneity on-line demand discussion about the capacity of the Internet and digital technologies to share knowledge more widely than ever before, potentially an extension of the colonial project, rather than a technologically mediated solution to real social problems in and between local Aboriginal and Settler communities. Active Pass to IR9, which was generated with digital technology and publicly posted on this exhibit blog, is implicated in this complex web of real and virtual communities and places.

The 2008 New Forms Festival is the installation’s premiere.


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Nice work you two. I enjoyed your dialog a found it very interesting how much we really don’t know about one and other, our families and histories. We just don’t share those stories enough. Thanks Kenna

Comment by Kenna Fair

Congratulations Kate and Richard on your clever juxtaposition of the dispossessed First Nations man traveling through miles of island paradise where his relatives had lived, worked and played undisturbed for thousands of years. A thought provoking piece of work – with the luxury of time to digest the dialogue! For the record, I was drawn to your site by a ‘Google Alert’ flagging your FirstVoices post. Best wishes to you both. Peter

Comment by Peter Brand

What a great piece of work. It’s funny how I know every road, every bend, almost every tree, but know so little about the island (and your families). It was an honour to watch and learn.

Comment by Chris Walker

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